Die Plek is a new exhibition platform for artists working in the liminal space within photography
and contemporary art.

Die Plek’s founding approach makes a bold claim: the work will find its own time and place. Travelling across multiple destinations and diverse, nontraditional sites, Die Plek is born without a fixed address. Upending the classic notions that an artist’s work must fit within the rigid gallery framework and architecture, the space for every exhibition will be custom selected.

With a focus on photography, Die Plek aspires to reposition the medium. By both putting a stress on it (celluloid or digital matter) and at the same time ignoring the knowledge what materials were used to make the piece of art, Die Plek possesses a revised singular, holistic approach of the visual arts without typecasting it as the commonly-phrased category “art and photography”.

Die Plek, translated in English as The Place, is a creative project founded by Kaat DeJonghe.

info@dieplek.com | + 32 484 77 2625 | dieplek.com

Photos © Karin Borghouts